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Q.Can members contribute original articles?
Ans.We welcome original relevant articles from our members.
Q.Love the site. How do I get access to all the features?
Ans.Become a paid Platinum Member by clicking the "Join Now" button.

As a bonus, you will receive"The Smart Person's Guide To A Great Retirement"
(a $169 value). This ebook/workshop is a wonderful guide to making the coming years the best ever. And now, the FREE to members resources inside the paid members area is an added treasure chest of valuable information.
Q.What is the guarantee on your site?
Ans.Since everyone who joins has immediate access to thousands of dollars worth of assets and you can view the titles before joining, we do not offer any type of money back guarantee. Obviously, you can cancel your membership at any time and keep all of the products and information you have collected (including the Smart Retirement ebook/workshop) without any further charges. Although that would be an incredible value for $39.97, additional material continues to be added the the longer you stay a member. If at any time, you don't think we are way over delivering for the membership price, please let us know.
Q.My friend has access to more features than I do, why?
Ans.Assuming you are both Platinum members, your friend has been a member longer than you have. As a reward to loyal members, we make more FREE material available to you the longer you have been a member. This is in addition to the free material added for all paid members.

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