Great Retirement

Are you over 40?

Are you in a rut?
Soon to have an empty nest?
Are you just waiting in line to retire?
Have you achieved your dream life?

You have a full adult life span ahead of you.

I can't force you to make the next 40 years the best of your life but this step-by-step guide will lead the way. Starting with your:

  • State of Mind - Can you handle it?
    **Learn how to create a millionaire mindset.
  • Where are You now? Take an inventory of your life
    **Learn to use what you have learned in the last 40 years.
  • Where would you like to go? Your New Direction
    **Learn how to get out of your rut and start to really live.
  • Passion/Love/Sex - Your Motivation - Finding Your Power
    **Learn to get into the “zone” by using your passions.
  • Physical Body - Your Vehicle - Tune It UP
    **Watch your body respond to the “Five Tibetians”
  • Money - Your Fuel - You Don't Have Enough!!
    **If you can follow directions, money won't be a problem. Follow step-by-step instructions to create multiple steams of passive income.
  • The Journey - Not The Destination
    **It is time to start living! Learn that making yourself happy first, benefits everyone around you.

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I really OVER DELIVERED on this one!

Rick Perkins Rick Perkins

Fellow Baby Boomer

p.s. This book is not for everyone, if you are a millionaire athlete, married to the love of your life, go away! This book is for people who worked hard to get through the first half of their lives and want to make sure they thoroughly enjoy the second half. Let us provide the tools and encouragement you will need.

p.p.s. I didn't mention that as a Platinum Member, you can access constantly updated articles and Tips to help you boost the success of your second adult life. There is no “twist your arm” selling here. “Self-help” means you get to decide whether or not you want to create some great years in your future.

* Security * Sex * Power * Immortality * Wealth * Happiness * Safety * Health * Recognition * Love *
We are Baby Boomers and plan to have it all!!

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