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As simple as possible: If you are over 40, you have problems. We provide solutions to your problems for a very small membership fee. You will have to take some action, but we go overboard to give you the information, tools and encouragement you need to eliminate your obstacles and reach your goals.

You have an entire Second Adult Life ahead of you. Why not use your past experience and with our help, create the life you really want.

Get out of your current routines, ie "rut" and find out how much you can actually enjoy life

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  • Learn how to get out of your rut and start to really live.
  • Learn to use what you have learned in the last 40 years
  • Learn how to create a millionaire mindset
  • Learn to get into the "zone" by using your passions
  • Watch your body respond to the "Five Tibetians"
  • Step-by-Step Instructions to Create Multiple Streams of Passive Income (including instructional videos)
  • Learn that Making Yourself Happy First, Benefits Everyone Around You.

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We don't share problems; We share solutions!


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You have many years left. Are you going to make the best of them?

Join us now and get out of your rut.

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We are Baby Boomers and plan to have it all!!

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